Interesting Facts about IKEA You Didn’t Know

IKEA Furniture

Regarding home furnishings and interior design, IKEA stands as a global icon. Known for its affordable yet stylish furniture, countless households have been adorned with iconic blue shopping bags and quirky Scandinavian designs. But beneath flat-packed furniture lies a world of fascinating stories and little-known facts about this retail giant.

Let’s dive into some of the most intriguing tidbits about IKEA that you probably didn’t know.

A Peek into the Quirky and Surprising World of the Furniture Giant IKEA

Let’s delve into the unconventional insights of IKEA;

The Name Game

IKEA’s name is an acronym. The company’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, named it after his initials, plus the initials of the farm he grew up on (Elmtaryd) and the nearby village (Agunnaryd). The name IKEA is a blend of personal history and geography.

Design Democracy

One of the core principles of IKEA’s design philosophy is to make good design accessible to everyone. This ideology led to the “democratic design” concept, emphasizing form, function, quality, sustainability, and affordability. This ethos has revolutionized how people worldwide think about interior design.

The Labyrinth Experience

Walking through an IKEA store can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. It is actually by design. The winding layout encourages customers to explore the entire store, ensuring they come across a wide range of products. The hope is that customers will find items they didn’t even know they needed.

A Swedish Tradition

Every IKEA store has a restaurant serving Swedish delicacies, the most famous being their meatballs. These meatballs have gained a cult following around the world. In a year, IKEA reportedly sells over a billion meatballs worldwide! That’s enough to make a meatball mountain!

The Flat-Pack Phenomenon

Flat-packed furniture, where customers assemble the products themselves, is synonymous with IKEA. This innovation not only reduces shipping and storage costs but also empowers customers to participate in creating their furniture. The idea was inspired by a table that Kamprad saw being disassembled to fit into a car trunk.

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Sustainability Matters

IKEA has been a pioneer in promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices. They’ve significantly invested in renewable energy to achieve a climate-positive status by 2030. Additionally, they’ve pledged to exclusively utilize renewable or recycled materials in their products by 2030. Their flat-pack approach also reduces transportation emissions.

Billy, the Iconic Bookcase

The “Billy” bookcase is arguably IKEA’s most iconic product. Introduced in 1979, it’s estimated that one Billy bookcase is sold worldwide every 10 seconds. It has become a symbol of functional design and adaptability.

A Hidden Message

If you’ve ever wondered why IKEA furniture has unusual names, Swedish place names, occupations, and words largely inspire them. There’s even a hidden meaning behind the names. For instance, bookcases and shelves are named after professional occupations, fabrics are named after Scandinavian girls’ names, and dining tables and chairs are named after Scandinavian boys’ names.

Unlocking the Benefits – Why Enlist a Professional Furniture Assembly Company for Your IKEA Delights

We’ll now explore why opting for expert assistance in assembling IKEA furniture is a decision that pays off in more ways than one.

Precision in Every Nut and Bolt

Sure, assembling furniture might seem straightforward, but anyone encountering a missing screw or an incorrectly aligned piece knows the frustration that can ensue. Professional furniture assembly companies come armed with experience and expertise. Their meticulous approach ensures that every component is in its rightful place, resulting in a sturdy and well-constructed piece of furniture.

Tools of the Trade

Ever tried to tighten a bolt without the right-sized wrench? It’s an exercise in futility. Furniture assembly often requires specific tools that you might not have on hand. Professional assemblers arrive equipped with a comprehensive toolkit, ensuring the job is done efficiently and without unnecessary delays.

Complex Configurations Simplified

IKEA furniture is renowned for its innovative designs, but with innovation sometimes comes complexity. These pieces can challenge even the most dedicated DIY enthusiasts, from modular units to intricate mechanisms. Professional assemblers have encountered many designs and configurations, making them well-equipped to handle even the most intricate setups.


IKEA’s influence extends far beyond the furniture it sells. The company has embedded itself in pop culture, design trends, and everyday life. From its creative naming conventions to its commitment to sustainability, IKEA continues to surprise and innovate. So, the next time you assemble that Billy bookcase or enjoy a plate of Swedish meatballs, remember there’s a world of fascinating stories behind the flat-pack empire.

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