Top 5 Hardest IKEA Furniture to Assemble

IKEA furniture assembly

IKEA furniture is known for its affordable prices, modern designs, and the joy of DIY assembly. However, not all IKEA furniture pieces are created equal regarding ease of assembly. Some items can be challenging, even for the seasoned DIY enthusiast. In this blog post, we will explore the top five most challenging IKEA furniture pieces to assemble, providing tips and tricks to conquer these challenges successfully.

Top Five Hardest IKEA Furniture Pieces to Assemble

1. MALM Bed Frame with Storage

The MALM bed frame with storage is undoubtedly stylish and functional, but its assembly can be daunting. The extensive number of parts and complex instructions can make even the most seasoned DIYer break a sweat. The bed’s storage drawers, which must align perfectly with the frame, often pose a significant challenge.

Tip: Sort and label all the parts beforehand, follow the instructions, and use clear plastic bags to organize screws and small components.

2. PAX Wardrobe

The PAX wardrobe is famous for its customizable options and spacious design. However, its assembly can be time-consuming and complex. With multiple sliding doors, drawers, shelves, and internal fittings, it’s easy to get overwhelmed during the process.

Tip: Enlist the help of a friend or family member to make the assembly process smoother. Lay out all components before starting and closely examine the rail and sliding mechanisms.

3. BRIMNES Daybed

The BRIMNES daybed is an attractive and practical piece of furniture, but its assembly can be particularly challenging due to its intricate design. The bed includes drawers, a headboard, and a trundle bed, which requires careful alignment to ensure smooth operation.

Tip: Divide the assembly into smaller tasks, focusing on one component at a time. Take your time to ensure all parts are correctly positioned before tightening screws.

4. LISABO Dining Table

The LISABO dining table is known for its sleek design and solid wood construction, but it can be tricky to put together. The unique interlocking legs and the need for precise alignment can frustrate even experienced DIYers.

Tip: Lay out all parts on a clean, flat surface and use a level to ensure the legs are straight before tightening them. Follow the instructions carefully to prevent any misalignment.

5. FJÄLLBO Shelf Unit

The FJÄLLBO shelf unit’s rustic charm adds character to any space, but its assembly can be challenging due to its heavy metal construction and intricate fastening system. The numerous screws, bolts, and cross-braces may puzzle some DIY enthusiasts.

Tip: Have a power drill or electric screwdriver to speed up the assembly process. Pay close attention to the orientation of the metal components to avoid confusion.

Why Is IKEA Furniture So Hard to Assemble?

IKEA furniture can sometimes be perceived as complicated to assemble due to several reasons:

Flat-Pack Design: IKEA’s furniture is known for its flat-pack design, where components are disassembled and packed in flat boxes. While this design allows for cost-effective transportation and storage, it also means that customers need to put the pieces together themselves.

Minimalist Instructions: IKEA provides assembly instructions in pictures and minimal text, which can be challenging for some people, especially those who prefer detailed written instructions.

Large Number of Parts: Some IKEA furniture items have many parts, including screws, bolts, and other small components. Sorting and identifying these parts correctly can be time-consuming.

Complex Designs: Many IKEA furniture pieces feature intricate designs with interlocking parts, sliding mechanisms, and hidden fasteners. These complex designs may require more skill and attention to detail during assembly.

Limited Tools: Some IKEA furniture can be assembled using only basic tools provided with the package. However, having access to additional tools like power drills and electric screwdrivers can make the process faster and easier.

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While IKEA furniture assembly can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to furnish your home, some pieces are undeniably more challenging. The MALM Bed Frame with Storage, PAX Wardrobe, BRIMNES Daybed, LISABO Dining Table, and FJÄLLBO Shelf Unit are among the five hardest IKEA furniture pieces to assemble.

Remember, with patience, attention to detail, and a well-organized approach; you can conquer these challenges and enjoy your beautifully assembled IKEA furniture. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from friends or family, and follow the instructions closely.

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